Monday, 21 January 2013

StealFocus Forecast - ability to delete cloud services not on a white list.

Following on from previous posts about the StealFocus Forecast application, the application can now delete deployments of Azure hosted services that are not on a white list.

Continuing the theme of the previous posts, the Forecast application is about controlling your costs for cloud services.

So far the application can create or delete hosted services on a schedule (deleting services when they are not used saves you money), delete storage entities on a schedule (deleting unused storage saves you money) and horizontally scale hosted services in or out on a schedule (scaling in hosted services during periods of low demand also saves you money).

Now the application will find any hosted service deployments that are not on a white list and will delete them. This also presents you with a cost saving as you will not be on the receiving end of unplanned growth of the number of hosted services you are running.

You can configure the white list as follows:

          <service name="myAzureServiceName1" />
          <service name="myAzureServiceName2" />

The attributes ("includeHorizontalScaleServices" etc) indicate whether those other configured services should be automatically included in the white list (the configuration is truncated for brevity and is missing those additional configuration elements).

The application will look for hosted services attached to the configured subscription(s). The subscription configuration is also excluded for brevity.

An example of a full configuration file is included with the application download.

For more information look at the home page on GitHub.

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