Monday, 25 February 2008


I subscribed to Udi Dahan's blog recently ( I saw him present a session called "Designing High Performance, Persistent Domain Models" at Tech-Ed 2007 in Barcelona. It was one of the best sessions I saw during the week. How he got a talk with NHibernate demo material into Tech-Ed I'll never know.

I read through some of the old blog posts to catch up on what he'd been doing since Tech-Ed and I noticed he'd been working on a open source messaging framework called "NServiceBus" (

This is interesting because I frequently encounter projects that require some kind of message bus with pub/sub features but don't want to take the plunge with BizTalk as its either too heavy weight or the license cost is prohibitive.

The project seems to be progressing, version 1.7 has been released at the time of writing and there is an active news group (

I will evaluate the framework at some point and report back.

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