Monday, 9 March 2009

Microsoft Tech Days 2009

Microsoft are running a 24 hour “virtual” learning event on 1st April with the sessions run via Live Meeting. The site promises over 90 sessions, there are currently 22 listed on the site and these are being added to as details are finalised. Currently listed sessions include:

·         ASP.NET MVC – Separation of concerns and unit testing

·         Complete control over Silverlight controls

·         Cranking ASP.NET Performance to 11...the easy way!

·         How WPF and databinding are best friends

·         In-depth MVC

·         Information Architecture for a MOSS intranet

·         Intro to LINQ

·         Maintaining Resilient Code: Using Tools From Microsoft's DevLabs and Research Sites

·         Professional SharePoint Development - Taking the Step From SharePoint Cowboy to Enterprise Team Development

·         SharePoint Workflow for the Masses

·         Silverlight apps need data... and here's how to get it!

·         Site Provisioning Solutions (for SharePoint)

More information and registration:

Once you register you can build a schedule.

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