Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Service Bus for Windows Server

Microsoft have released Service Bus for Windows Server.

This is essentially an on premise equivalent of the Windows Azure Service Bus (not to be confused with Azure Storage Queues). The rumour is that development for MSMQ has stopped and Service Bus is the strategic replacement.

One other point of note is that this solves one annoying issue when developing with Windows Azure. Pretty much all of the main components to Windows Azure have local "equivalents"...

  • Local development with Cloud Services is supported by the Compute Emulator.
  • Local development with Azure Storage (Blobs, Tables, Queues) is supported by the Storage Emulator.
  • Local development with SQL Azure can be achieved (with care over which features you use) on SQL Server.
...but the Azure Service Bus has never had an answer for local development. Now it does, the Service Bus for Windows Server behaves the same.

Update: Blog post from Microsoft.

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